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Artistic/Makers Summer Residence

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During the summer of 2017 Artica is opening it’s doors to artists and makers who are looking for an open office space and workshop where they can develop their summer projects.

We are looking for people (artists, makers, hobbyists, students, professionals) with projects (in conceptual or in development) that would like to use our knowledge, physical computing technologies, or equipment resources to do “cool things”. In return we ask that you are willing to publically share the details of the project and your use of our resources.

If you don’t have a specific project in mind but want to know more about a particular technology we work with you are welcome to apply aswell, you can either team up with some of the other residents, or do some research on the state of the art of a particular field you are more interested in and discuss your results with us.

We offer:

  • Office space with a desk and chair with electricity, access to internet and coffee machine
  • Access to our workshop (cnc, 3d print, molding, vaccum forming, painting, cutting, drilling, wood and metal)
  • Access to our electronics shop (electronics bread boards, basic components, soldering station)
  • Quick help / crash courses of our interactive technologies (einstein, assisted performer, bonsai, visualino, motoruino)
  • Access to our computer vision equipment for prototyping (different cameras, projectors)
  • Creative coffee break meetings to brainstorm or rethink your project ideas
  • Exposure to you and your project on our social media network
  • An attendance certificate

We expect from you:

  • A video documenting what your project is about, how it evolved during your residency at Artica, and in what way Artica’s physical computing framework, knowledge, resources and infrastructure helped you while developing it. Don’t be scared, a short video interview will do just fine.
  • A team lunch presentation of the outcome of your project with Q&A on the things you worked on.

We do not offer:

  • Accomodation
  • Travel or living costs
  • To develop your project for you
  • Constant support and assistance (we have our own projects to work on, coffee break talks are ok, recurring hour long meetings are not)
  • Materials and components your project requires (although we can advise you where to purchase what you need)

If you are interested in applying please send us an email to presenting yourself and what you would like to explore at Artica during your summer residency. Deadline for submissions 30th of June. The period of residency is up for discussion.

This residency is part of our R&D project on physical computing developed with incentive of Portugal 2020.


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