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Código Panda

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Earlier this year we were contacted by SP Entertainment who were looking for technological support to develop a new TV show idea for Canal Panda involving augmented reality. We embraced the challenge and worked with them to develop the technology behind the new kids show Código Panda that premiered on the 17th of October.

Our part was during the last game of the show, it consisted of kids using tablets with an augmented reality application to search for hidden letters and discover words. There is also a home version of the application which you can freely download from the Apple store and Android store and play the game searching for objects in images supplied at the Código Panda homepage.

The application itself was developed using Unity3D and Vuforia. We spent a lot of hours managing expectations, dealing with weird development bugs and accompanying the studio recording sessions, but in the end it was all well worth the effort! We are quite happy with the outcome of the project and it’s always great to see your work on TV!

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