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La Divina Comédia - Salvador Dalí

We were asked by State of the Art to create three interactive screens for the art exhibition “La Divina Comédia” that consisted of Salvador Dali aquarelle paintings.

06 October 2015

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Congresso Nacional de Professores de Informática

We went to CNPI, a national congress of IT professors, to present our new products Gyro and Visualino.

06 October 2015
Illumination of Museu da Vila de Cascais

In July of this year, the Museu da Vila de Cascais opened it's doors. Artica was responsible for the design and implementation of the entire illumination system.

28 September 2015
Lisbon Maker Faire

Last year Artica brought the prototype of Gyro, Farruscos's educational robot successor, to the Maker Faire.

21 September 2015