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In 2017 we were invited by UAU to participate in Popota’s Christmas Show, that took place in Campo Pequeno, Lisbon.

It was a big challenge due to the requirements of the performance:

  • Ultra-Large LED Wall
  • 40 minutes of continuous video
  • Videos triggered in sync with the actors/performers
  • Real-time interactive contents

Having this, we created all the visual contents plus the scene props.

The visuals were created 3D Max, edited and rendered in Unity 3D, then post processed. Real-time interactive graphics generation was also developed in Unity 3D.

During the creative process we wanted to have a glimpse of the size relations between the screens and the stage, so we developed a VR stage.

Our Einstein VideoPlayer had to be updated to run large video dimensions with high performance, to achieve this peak performance we used HAP codec. Einstein also received real-time video from a computer vision server running Bonsai linked to Unity, and finally connected to a Spoutserver (if you are a MAC user, Syphon does the same job), using HAP also allowed us to use multi-layered contents with alpha transparency videos.

This is an image of the two control screens, the left screen is showing an infra-red camera image being analysed in Bonsai, the right screen is our EinsteinVP.

We also created the props, this included a big school rubber, pencils, compass, pencil sharpener and a gramophone.

Popota is a SonaeSierra’s brand.


Artica’s Cast:

Visual Art Direction:
Guilherme Martins

3D Modeling:
Filipe Barbosa

Video Editing:
Guilherme Martins, Filipe Barbosa, João Ribeiro

Software Development, Realtime Interaction:
André Almeida, Gonçalo Lopes, Ricardo Imperial

Software Development, Einstein Video Player:
Guilherme Martins

Props Concept and Direction:
Eric Costa

Props Construction:
Eric Costa, José Noronha, Paula Espanha


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