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Amoreiras 360 Panoramic View Elevator

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In September 2015 we did a project for State of the Art to develop a few installations to celebrate 30 Anos Amoreiras. Amongst them was a fake (as in non moving) elevator, furbished with LCD screens and LED strips. The elevator part of the project was promoting the upcoming opening of a Amoreiras 360 Panoramic View from the top of Amoreiras tower.

From that project came talks with Mundicenter to have us build, in partnership with Schindler, a real interactive elevator in Amoreiras which was adjudicated. The project relied heavily on Schindler’s know-how on elevator security norms and functionality, while we were left with the task of adapting our technology to fit those restrictions.

The concept was to modify the elevator taking people from the main floor to the Amoreiras 360 Panoramic View top floor. Covering it with LCD screens and LED strips. The elevator has videos and sounds triggered when the elevator ascends or descends. It also has it’s own backend content scheduler, allowing Mundicenter to alter the videos, sounds, LED animations and corresponding trigger queues.

Here are some of our early concept renders:

To accomodate the interactive system the entire elevator had to be altered and rebuilt.

We had to design and custom build all elevator changes including custom supports for the screens, rails for the LED strips, the box holding the computer operating the installation, the sound system and the remotely automated electrical power control system.

We also had to develop the video playing system and the interface with the standard elevator operation system. We used a JNIOR for the interface with Schindler system and developed software to get signals indicating present floor, doors openning or closing, lift going up or down, etc. Here are some system schematics:

This was a project that involved the entire Artica team for several months.

To prototype the project before the work on site started we built a real-sized elevator vault at our offices and used it to mount and test all the equipment. You can see it on our making-of video:

With the prototype approved we worked with Schindler on-site at Amoreiras to adapt the real elevator with our technology.

To finish the prototype we needed placeholder sounds, and used tracks from our friend M-PeX who composes some laidback electronic sounds blended with Portuguese guitar. These sounds worked quite well with the 180 degree drone capture videos we had previously used on the fake elevator and created a very nice elevator trip. The elevator contents were supposed to be completely altered for the public opening, however the client quite liked our placeholders and ended up asking us to use it on the public release, only doing some minor alterations for the descent by Canal 180.

The project had it’s usual share of setbacks that a project of this size usually has, so we are quite happy to see it operating well and already open to the public. The elevator is located at Amoreiras Shopping Center, taking guests all the way to 18th floor to enjoy the 360 degree Panoramic View. More information about the viewpoint can be found at

Here are some mediaclips we have been gathering about the project: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


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