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30th anniversary Amoreiras

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Amoreiras was the first big shopping center in Lisbon, that was born 30 years ago, a complete pioneer project. After 30 years of existence this center still flourishes!

We were asked by State of the Art to create three experiences. An interactive video wall, a corridor that could show Amoreiras Timeline while the visitors walk by and at last, the great attraction of the exhibition, an elevator interior that brings visitors to the last store, where they can have a full 360 degrees view of Lisbon. Amoreiras is known by the highest point in Lisbon.

In the floor interaction and wall interaction solutions we faced many hostile light situations and because of this fact we needed to change the detection algorithm. But we managed to get it working and stable in the end.

This is an image of the corredor, as people walked they could discover hidden photos that revealed the history of the Amoreiras Shopping Center.

The interactive shopwindow had four super slow motion videos, as while people walk in front of it they could do a fast forward or fast backward directly on the video timeline. Once again our Einstein Videoplayer did the task.

The elevator journey was the most troublesome to develop, we had to do all the hardware, software and content.

We built a fake elevator shaft, with LCD screens all around it. Place to store the machine with proper ventilation, connect all custom lighting electronics, buttons and LCD’s together. We used Einstein Videoplayer to play back the 360 degreee video of a trip to the top of Amoreiras on the multiple screens.

To capture the footage we hired SKYEYE, a drone company to fly up with 3 GoPro attached on a custom gimble, plus two GoPro’s facing upwards to capture the top of the towers. Stabilizing and edit the videos was a hard task, plus the fact of rendering a final output video in 7920 x 1080.

The view from the top of Tower 1, is simply the best 360º view you can have in Lisbon, it is really the highest sightseeing place of the city.

This exhibition will be present until the end of October.


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