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SECIL Interactive Stand

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A couple of months ago we made an interactive instalation for SECIL awards. The cerimony of 2010 occurred last week and honored the architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.

This interactive instalation is a multifunction platform with several features like:

- When there isn’t anyone present it works autonomously with a slideshow of the awards;

  • When someone approaches it changes the background color there is also a ledstrip that changes color, on the screen shows an animation with instructions to control the slide show. Also the interaction devices lights up showing where is supposed to place the hands to control the installation.

  • When a hand is placed over the light buttons the person controls the slideshow, AND, has feedback over the action because there is an air flow coming from the button.

This was one of our biggest interactive projects, and we’re really, really, really proud of it!

SECIL from artica on Vimeo.


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