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Today we’re gonna enter in the time machine and show you our first work.

Leonel Moura, robot artist, designed the “Stand Lisboa e Vale do Tejo” for the Feira de Portugal Tecnológico at FIL, and through IDMind invited us to create interactive content to a huge led wall.

We were inspired by Leonel’s painter robots and created a program with a computer vision detection system that analysis people movements and sends that information to a painting agent based particle system.

To do this, and due to the lack of time, we decided to do it with OpenFrameworks and invited André Sier to join us in this project.

André Sier is a great creative developer, with his knowledge in OpenFrameworks and agent based particle systems this work was a piece of cake, letting us in Artica improve our skills and deliver a high quality project with a great interaction.

Each particle have a live cycle, it appears near the people that are passing by, and is always trying to reach the people because they only survive if there is a person near by. When it moves, each particle leaves a colored trail creating a big abstract painting on the led wall, as you can see in the video above.


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