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Motoruino most important features:

  • easy to use, understand, play with
  • plug-and-roll board
  • compatible with Arduino Diecimilla/Duemillanove and Shields
  • one H-Bridge (L293D) allows you to control 2 dc motors
  • the usage of the H-Bridge is open, i.e., there aren’t any Arduino output pins assigned, the user can use the H-Bridge the way he/she wants
  • two jumpers allow the motors power supply and the PWM pins to be either connected to the external supply (Vin) or regulated 5 volts
  • motors have 3 different connectors, screw terminals, male headers, JST connectors
  • servos and sensors can be easily plugged in due to dedicated power and ground headers on each pin
  • two possible FTDI/USB connections available:USB / TTL convertor, there are some choices on the market for this one, you can have it in the form of a cable, or in the form of a small pcb or using a USB adaptor with the FTDI chip embedded

In case you are interested in purchasing one, please drop us an email

All other specifications are similar to the Arduino Diecimila boards, and you may use both ATmega 168 or 328 chips

</div> Instructions to assembly Motoruino


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