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Farrusco is a small robot based on the Arduino platform, in this case it’s using a Motoruino wich is an Arduino clone with a couple of enhancements – dc motor dual controller, servo and sensor plugs, possibility to select 5v or external power source for motors and PWM pins.

With Farrusco you will be able to make it avoid obstacles, follow walls, enter in free space mode, and in the future more add-ons will be available, just to name a few: line follower, speakers and light sensors, RGB leds, and so on.

This robot is intended for:

  • enthusiasts wishing to enter in the creative computing and robotics fields but don’t know where to start;
  • engineering and physical computing students who need a development platform;
  • digital artists and designers;
  • students of all grades;
  • someone who just wants a new geeky toy.

In case you are interested in purchasing one, please drop us an email

Audience Pong</a>

Assembly Instructions:


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