creative computing

Interactive Installations

Pinball Hack

In May 2016 our partners Lobo Mau approached us with a challenge to hack an old Excalibur Pinball machine.

Slot Machine 85 Anos Casino Estoril

Altered slot machine for the 85 years exhibition of Casino Estoril.

Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Exhibition

Through our partnership with Audience Entertainment we helped develop certain components of a large interactive exhibition produced by Victory Hill Exhibitions for Marvel.

Amoreiras 360 Panoramic View Elevator

The concept was to modify the elevator taking people from the main floor to the Amoreiras 360 Panoramic View top floor covering it with LCD screens, LEDs and environment sounds and video

La Divina Comédia - Salvador Dalí

We were asked by State of the Art to create three interactive screens for the art exhibition “La Divina Comédia” that consisted of Salvador Dali aquarelle paintings.

Illumination of Museu da Vila de Cascais

In July of this year, the Museu da Vila de Cascais opened it's doors. Artica was responsible for the design and implementation of the entire illumination system.

30th anniversary Amoreiras

We were asked by State of the Art to create three experiences for 30th anniversary of Amoreiras.

Valentine's Interactive Hanky

Valentine's Interactive Hanky @ Casa do Conhecimento, Vila Verde.

Audience Pong

This installation was commisioned by GCI, in order to boost the Projecto_80 event that took place at Escola Secundária Eça de Queiroz in Lisbon!

Centro de Interpretação de Almada Velha

In early 2013 Artica and RPAR got a proposal approved to help build CIAV - Centro de Interpretação de Almada Velha, a sort of interactive museum of the cities' historic legacy. The project was developed amongst a large number of partnerships. Artica was responsible for the interaction design of the space and all of it's electronic and software development. The opening was on the 29th of June.

SECIL Interactive Stand

A couple of months ago we made an interactive instalation for SECIL awards. The cerimony of 2010 occurred last week and honored the architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.


Today we're gonna enter in the time machine and show you our first work.

Video Projection

360º Projection at TryAngle

TryAngle is a great artistic iniciative sponsored by the European Culture Programme, it had three labs, and one of the labs was at the "O Espaço do Tempo" in Montemor-o-Novo.

Júlio de Matos

"Júlio de Matos" is a comedy performed by Joaquim Monchique. The set has a non-conventional projection zone, and I had to adapt all the contents to it. I invited David Rebordão to help me with video capture and editing. David is a promising Movie Director and Producer, check out what it is the most watched portuguese film ever made: A Curva.

Tempo by Adriana Queiroz

We've told you about this wonderful play.

É Como Diz o Outro

"É Como Diz o Outro" is a comedy performed by Miguel Guilherme and Bruno Nogueira, directed by Tiago Guedes and produced by UAU. Our commitment was to create a video scene with a street landscape and a building front. This video started early in the morning and went through several stages during a normal work day ending in the evening.

Pedro e Inês

Artica was invited by the very popular theater company Teatro O Bando, to create visual scenes to the performance "Pedro e Inês".

Paint Me – insights

Like everything, there is always an idea at the very beginning and this time was no exception.

Hardware & Robotics

FM Stream

AKA a beautiful, low cost, carrier grade rack of FM tuners, IP/Internet encoders and broadcasters, using nothing but RaspberryPis, Arduinos, clever electronics, neat mechanics, a shiny aluminium case and lots of passion.


The Motoruino is a board based on the Arduino platform, it is designed to work with motors, servos and sensors.


Farrusco is a small robot based on the Arduino platform, in this case it’s using a Motoruino wich is an Arduino clone with a couple of enhancements


Magabot is a low cost open hardware and software robot platform, designed to give mobility to any laptop and to stimulate creative minds.


SapoBot is a robot that wonders through spaces avoiding obstacles detects holes on the ground, follow walls and follow lines, to change between behaviors you only need to press the shell, and when he detects a collision gives a frog sound. This project was comissioned by Sapo, means frog in portuguese.


I SEE YOU TOO, is the 2nd version of the original ICU


Valentine's Interactive Hanky

Valentine's Interactive Hanky @ Casa do Conhecimento, Vila Verde.

Introduction to Robotics Workshop

Artica has been lecturing many workshops related to Introduction to Robotics all over the country. This workshop is intended to teach basic physical computing programming, and is all Arduino oriented.

Interactive Robotics Exhibition

Interactive Exhibition of Creative Robotics was how this event was entitled! Interactive because visitors could interact with the objects, and creative because all the objects (robots in this case) exposed were created without any pre-conceptions of what a robot should be, or look like.


P2020 - Physical Computing

A 2 year plan focused on developing Artica's physical computing skills to bring greater value to the creative industry market where we operate.

P2020 - Qualification for Internationalization Gyro

An 18 months plan focused on qualifying Artica to take Gyro to the international market, to bring greater value to the edutainment robotics and creative industries markets where we operate.

USORA Project

We are very pleased to annouce our most recent educational project: USORA (Unified Solution of Remote Access in Practical Vocational Engineering Education). A project of innovation transfer under the Leonardo Da Vinci Life Learning Programme.

E-Duca Project

E-DUCA is a research and development project approved and co-financed by QREN for 2 years. It consists of developing an integrated technological platform applied to education. The platform specification englobes components of hardware (computer projection system and mobile robots) and software (applications of educational and monitoring).