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Aura Festival ' 2018

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At Aura Festival this year we participated with an interactive installation called “Procedural Forest”.

At first, we wanted to bring natural elements to the participants, just because when we think in Sintra, all that comes to our minds is its beautiful forests and woods. We wanted also that visitors could easily engage and interact with the installation, to allow every single person to make a difference, and to see its action being reflected on the installation.

Our ‘Assisted Performer’ was a great candidate, because it allows visitors to interact with “anything” using their mobile devices, without having to install any dedicated App. Visitors only need to connect to our Wifi network and open a browser and a GUI will pop.

In this case, a coloured tree would pop on the installation and the user would have to interact with a slider and two buttons. The slider positioned the depth of the tree, the upper button would skip to another tree and the lower button would populate this tree. After this step, another tree would pop and so on. One could identify itself by the tree colour, that corresponded to the colour being displayed in the app.

We ended up using Unity3D witch is our election tool for realtime interactive installations because of its optimized streamline and easy integration with our platforms. This videos shows a brief stress test to see how much FPS we could have with a maximum of trees being generated.

It was an honor for us to have our installation at MUSA, Sintra’s Art Museum. This museum is the entrance of the festival and the first spot on the road map. It’s always a great experience to see people interacting with our creations!

Aura Festival ‘ 2018

Concept: Artica’s Crew

Art Direction: Guilherme Martins, Filipe Barbosa

3D Modeling: Filipe Barbosa

Unity3D Visual Design: Filipe Barbosa

Unity3D Software Development: Ricardo Imperial

Assisted Performer: Filipe Cruz

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