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Embratur stands @ World Travel Market

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In 2016 we travelled to Paris and London to deliver an interactive stand for Embratur, the Brazilian tourism institute. They are a common presence in tourism exhibition faires all around the world promoting Brazilian tourism and their represented partners. Apparently they liked our stand solution so much that they wanted it again for London’s World Travel Market faire of 2017, this time commissioned by Expomundo.

Our stand solution consisted of 2 components, the first are the interactive stands, where we built a simple two button system integrated with the carpentry of the stand. The buttons communicate if the stand is currently occupied or not. On each stand lights would change according to the state and on an interactive touch screen in the entrance we display the layout and availability of the stands.

We decided to improve on last years solution by trying out the new LoRa radio module instead of the previous wireless and ethernet system so we designed and ordered a few custom PCBs for the project.

The second component of the project was an interactive map quiz. We had a 1.5x1.5 meters map of Brazil hanging where each Brazilian state was lit by LEDs. Accompanying the map we had a touch screen quiz game that would quiz you on information about the different states that constitute Brazil.


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