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In 2016 we were approached by our partners Leonel&Bicho, asking us if we could solve the interaction and electronic components of an installation they were working. This installation was commissioned by Action4, and Pfizer was the final client.

It was part of a campaign to raise awareness on cancer prevention by Pfizer, scheduled to tour several shopping malls in Portugal. The installation consisted of a large structure with multiple listening points where the users had to plug in headphones and listen to different people reporting their experiences with cancer.

Inside the installation was also installed a recording spot where users could record their own message to be added to the system.

Our solution for the project was a computer with a custom version of our Einstein VideoPlayer and a MOTU soundcard with 22 outputs. We also produced in partnership with ADDAC a custom audio relay electronic boards to distribute the outputs across the 40 listening points.

Our system also supported a backend server. The audio testimonials could be uploaded, validated and updated for ingestion. This required the installation to have it’s own router and internet connection. The installation also had it’s own electrical switchboard to secure the electrical system and help with portability.

The project is currently touring around Portugal, having been installed at different shopping malls: Norte Shopping, Coimbra Shopping, Colombo until the present day.


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