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Caderneta do Panda

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One year ago we were approached by SP Entertainment to develop technology for a new show for Canal Panda, that project turned out to be Código Panda. It went pretty well.

For the 2017 season they contacted us again, now looking for solutions involving virtual reality. We accepted the challenge and worked with them again, this time for their new show Caderneta do Panda which started publically on the 1st of October.

We developed the VR technology they use for the games on set and were present on site during the filming sessions. We also did the mobile application for Android and iOS that anyone can download and try out at home. Each week, after the show is aired, two new new mini-games are unlocked on the application. Finishing each game takes you to a VR scenario where you need to find a sticker pack with 3 new stickers so you can complete your collection.

As always happens in these projects we had a few last minute changes and bug fixes that delayed the distribution to the mobile stores. After a few app refusals at the Apple Store, we were plesantly surprised to notice they actually read our pleas for a hasty review process in order to meet the deadline, contacted us to check on the status, and once all issues were resolved from our end, they approved our new submission (and a followup hotfix) in record time, just in time for the launch of the TV show. Thank you Apple!


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