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Dealing with physical computing on a regular basis we are required to master the field of computer vision. It’s a very specific field of computer science with it’s own set of tools and libraries. The most famous being the OpenCV SDK ofcourse.

The tool that we use the most to handle computer vision problems is Bonsai. We highly recommend you to check it out, it’s open source and it works as a series of nodes in data flow tree. It can be used for lots of things: real time signal analysis, blob tracking, sequencing automaton behaviors, etc… It is being developed by Gonçalo Lopes, an old friend and ex-colleague of André dating back to their days in YDreams Research Lab developing similar tools such as YVision. Bonsai is a new and different approach, extremely powerful and still under active development. We can’t say enough good things about it.

Bonsai has a lot of nodes available to do all sorts of things, but sometimes we required something very specific that was not yet available. Not being able to wait around for it to be made, and considering the whole project is open source we created our own Bonsai nodes package to contribute. You can find it on bitbucket as Bonsai.Artica. It’s already been available for well over a year, but we never got around to announce it publically until now, driven by the guidelines of our ongoing P2020 physical computing R&D project.


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