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Young Creators 2017

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YoungCreators had its first event in the last year, and had a new release this week, it was a gathering of four distinct technology subjects: Robotics, e-Textiles, Bio-Hacking and 3DPrint. We, as always brought our Farrusco’s troop. The participants were very enthusiastic and during the first two days, they learned how to deal with digital and analog inputs and outputs, besides other Arduino features and tricks. They were also able to know our Arduino shield called PCB Sandbox which is a board with a couple of sensors and actuators (potentiometer, LDR’s, IR-receiver, buttons, RGB led).

The last two days the participants were able to build, create and program whatever they wanted. In the end, Farrusco assumed a lot of different shapes: boat, war-tank, trailer attached, almost self-balancing, 4wd, one of them was drawing with salt another was drawing with coloured markers.

It’s an honour to us to participate in this event, the possibility to share our knowledge with young generations while empowering their creativity, video after the break.

Epic stuff!!

Big thanks to the organisation, to FabLab Lisboa, Pavilhão do Conhecimento and Câmara Municipal de Lisboa.


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