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Workshop FabLab LX @ Young Creators Week

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We had the honor to be invited for the Young Creators Week that took place at FabLab LX in July 2016.

The proposal consisted in having 15 Robot kits ready to be programmed, so we needed to assemble all the kits at once witch was an epic task.

First the Motoruino’s came to life.

We prepared 15 Farruscos with a slight modification to the PVC chassis, It was designed by the crew at FabLab Lisboa, they used plywood and cutted with laser, and we called it FabRRusco. The FabRRusco’s were assembled at light speed as you can see in the following video.

Finally the FabRRusco’s are ready to Rock’n Roll!

During the workshop we presented a couple of basic paradigms in programming languages and mechanics, getting to the point were students are able to program the robots to autonomously roam in spaces avoiding obstacles. All the content that we presented can be found at slideshare.

We also presented our new PCBSandBox, it is an Arduino Shield that gathers light sensors, a potenciometer, a TV IR receiver, a colored LED, and buttons. The assembly tutorial can also be found at slideshare. This PCB will be available for sale very soon.

It was a week full of action, the participants were very motivated and they took the entire workshop to a higher level of creativity. Some of them wanted to make Farrusco park and light LEDs, others created a crane while others wanted to learn how to solder and created an LED 3x3x3 box, and while other just wanted to improve their coding skills or mess with electronics.

The workshop was lectured by André Almeida and Guilherme Martins and in the end they came back home completly exhausted but with a great smile in their faces and with the feeling of “mission accomplished soldier!”.

We would like to give a big thanks to the FabLab crew for all the support, to Ciência Viva and Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Bright Pixel, 3M and of course to all the participants!


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