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Artica’s philosophy on what technology to use for a project is to always use whichever technology is better suited to solve the problem. After research has been done and there is no good tool for the job, we do our own. There is always a trade off between learning new technology and using the technology we are familiarized with. We try to find a balance between both, always looking at emerging technologies and developments, and exploring new technologies whenever we find a fitting project for them. Or going back to familiar technology and improve it / reuse it to solve the problem.

We apply this logic to all our areas of expertise: software development, hardware development, prototyping, educational tools, interactive installations, custom r&d, etc.

We have often used open source technology in our projects, and whenever possible we like to give back to the open source community, by sharing our own open code, writing bug reports, submitting patches, documenting our projects publically, writing blog posts, etc.

Taking it a step further we have decided to start making short video logs. They are aimed at showing what we have been working on, in a casual interview format, not spending too much time scripting or editing the video (atleast for now). With this we hope to gather a community around Artica’s youtube channel (right now we have only 41 subscribers :( ) and share some knowledge in exchange for free publicity.

We aim to have 2 new videos per month, if you find them useful please click the like button and subscribe to our youtube channel. Here are our first 2 video log entries:

Video Log 1 - Interview with Guilherme about our Pinball Hack project showcased at Lisbon Makerfaire:

Video Log 2 - Interview with Coias about the making process of the shells for our edutainment platform Gyro:

More video logs to come in a near future.


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