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Maker Faire Lisbon 2016

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As usual Artica participated on Lisbon Maker Faire for the third year in a row since it started happening in Lisbon.

This year Maker Faire Lisbon took place on the 25th and 26th of June. We focused our participating on showcasing a pinball machine hack that we did in partnership with The Arcade Man, originally developed for a project by Lobo Mau, we repurposed the pinball to show some video content by Artica. We are hoping to write a more in-depth article about the project in the near future, for now let’s just summarize that the pinball was altered to display different sets of videos, triggered by the in-game pinball activity.

We also showed the latest progress of our edutainment platform Gyro.

As usual at these events we saw a lot of interesting projects and was great to meet some of our maker friends again! Thank you to the organizing team for making it possible.


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