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Max + Arduino + Industrial Motor

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We had a request to link MAXMSP to an industrial motor for an artistic installation witch we will speak about at another time.

This motor is a true beast, and since we have never worked with such a thing we decided to ask for help to our electronics guru David Palma.

The motor controller:

David developed an electronic circuit to simulate a PWM analog output from 0 to 10v (originally it gives 0 to 5v), and another circuit to switch motors direction, both circuits were assembled on a shield and connected to the motor controller.

The first circuit is a transducer:

And this is the switch circuit that tell to the motor controller wich direction the motor will spin:

Then he builded an Arduino shield:

And the final part was the Max patch that send the direction states and the PWM values to the Arduino:

And this is the result:

And last but not the least all the source codes can be downloaded here


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