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Repairing a damaged charger

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We at Artica are taking this manifesto very seriouslly:

Due to a stupid mistake (inverted power wires), this battery charger (the best that my fingers ever touched) smoked for a second or two:

When we opened the case, there was this little SMD with a strange eruption result of an overburn, it was definetely what got burned, and it has written on it 7805 (photo out of focus unfortunately)

This IC is very common in the electronics and robotics fields, it is a voltage regulator and in this case it regulates incoming voltage to 5 volts. We got a few 7805’s laying around and decided to take a try repairing this because we need badly to charge Farrusco’s batteries.

This is the result.

Not bad IMO! :)

A hole was opened to completely close the case, and it is now ready to roll, I mean charge again.


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